Hi. Yes, you, hello there! No need to lurk behind the computer screen, we’re quite friendly here! Welcome to the very first blog post of Parachuting Buddha Records, where the beer and snacks flow as freely as our bad puns and worse metaphors.

Speaking of beer and snacks, I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to a band that has been rocking in the free world for nigh on 20 years: The Brothers Rigney. (Yep, that right there was the best transitional sentence ever . . . you drink beer and eat snacks in the living room, right? Whatever, just go with it.)

The Brothers Rigney is a hard rock trio based out of Austin, Texas. TBR was founded by brothers: Bryan is their lead vocalist and bassist, while Paul rips it on the guitar. Inspired by classic rockers like Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Springsteen, as well as more hard rock bands such as Great White and Montrose, this trio brings a real sincerity and energy to every performance.

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I grew up the child of a disco queen and a flannel-sporting rocker dude. And though I can shake my “Hot Stuff” almost as well as any Donna Summer devotee, my musical tastes are aligned far more with the likes of your average Q104.3 radio rotation. From time to time, my dad would pack my sister and I into his Explorer, grab his favorite Stones or Who cassette, pump the radio as loud as the speakers could stand, and tear like an absolute madman around our neighborhood – whizzing through stop signs with total disregard for life or limb or New York City speed limits. He called these terrifying flights through the darkness “joy rides.” To my 12 year-old self this was, of course, the ultimate exhilaration, better than any rollercoaster.

I’m telling you this story because listening to The Brothers Rigney conjures up those memories, those feelings of panicked exultation: the deft guitar solos that come in during tracks like “Face the Day” and “Happy” are just right for rolling down the windows and letting the wind cut through your hair. But don’t mistake these fellows for the heedless type of hotel-trashing rocker: thoughtful lyrics like those of “Forever Blue,” and the clean, tight drumbeats in songs such as “Bastard” are powerful in their economy and the attending emotional clarity.

I’d say their brand of bluesy classic rock – the mix of Bryan Rigney’s gritty vocals with Paul Rigney’s skillful riffs – is the perfect addition to any late night joy ride.


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