The Brothers Rigney

Bryan Rigney – Bass and Vocals
Paul Rigney – Guitar and Genius

The Brothers Rigney are based out of Austin, Texas founded by two song writing brothers, Bryan and Paul Rigney. For nearly 20 years, the duo has thrilled audiences across Texas with their tremendous energy and their proven ability to entertain audiences of all ages.

Melding the essence of melodic rock in the styles of Montrose, Grand Funk Railroad, Bruce Springsteen and Cheap Trick, The Brothers Rigney brings the very best of rock while entertaining and captivating audiences with their sincerity and power.

Club appearances include:

Austin:  The Westside Alehouse, Beale Street Tavern, Wake the Dead Coffee House, Trailer Space Records, Bouldin Creek Trailer Park, Carousel Lounge 

Dallas: Bill's Records, Tradewinds Social Club

Houston: Super Happy Fun Land

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