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We have been busy beavers since the release of Out of the Woods. Hacking a new path through the forest is never easy. Among other things, we are working on a number of previously unrecorded tunes. Paul has been humoring my strange desire to explore our acoustic roots. Have I mentioned how patient he is? Thanks Paul.

We are continuing the work with Shawn on Genuine Crude. This project harks back to our rockin' roots and has found us a number of new friends. To learn more, visit the Genuine Crude website to listen to tunes and watch some video.

Paul has been busy making new friends and finding support for our music at Rocker's Dive Radio. Just the nicest folks and lots of great music around the clock including ours!

In the latest news, Paul and I are back in the woodshed. Check out the updated versions from Out of the Woods in the audio player. Also, stay tuned for new releases coming your way. The first is final and there are two more close behind. We hope you like the new music as much as we do.

More soon!

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